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Welcome to B2B platform of B2B International Srl. Thank you for your access to our Site. If you are an Agent, Intermediaries, Broker or Distributor you can evaluate our Offers to Buy, Representation or commercial intermediation. If, however, you are a Producer and you would like to create a sales network of customers and/or Agents in Italy, Europe U.E. or Extra Europe you can request information and evaluate the B2B services by contacting us on info@b2binternational.it.

Before completing the registration, the Candidates must read and accept the following terms of use.

Here follows a description of our services and terms for using the B2B International website.

Characteristics and conditions of terms for consulting commercial offers on B2B International website by Candidates, Agents, Brokers, Intermediaries or similar profiles.

A Collaboration offer by B&B International Srl (hereinafter B&B) is characterized by the fact that Our Clients, (Italian and foreign Manufacturers or Distributors) having a specific business need, have to seek Agents, Intermediaries, Commercial Brokers, in order to enter or cover a Geographical Area (Region, Country) or Macro Area (Europe U.E., Extra Europe). At a time that B&B publics an offer of commercial collaboration, it is important to consider carefully the details of the Technical Specification (ST) of the products, services and processes offered, as well as the Geographical Area of interests of the Company Purchaser because of are decisive for the good result of service.

The offers will stay published on the site https://www.b2binternational.it/ according to the state of the recruitment of Candidates and based on the agreed period of cooperation between B&B and our Clients. It is possible also confirm the interest to evaluate multiple offers of cooperation to find the Company that best reflects the needs of the Candidate. It is possible also modify and expand their interest by adding different supplementary sectors or competition sectors to choose the Company that best suits their own characteristics

If you want to receive additional information concerning the Representation Offers or about using of the B2B Site, please contact our Customer Service Candidates tel. 0382 557611 or send your CV to mailto:cv@b2binternational.it.

The rules here presented are referred to the offers by us posted on our Site on behalf of our Clients and according to your own use of the B2B service as a Candidate. Therefore, before registering, (entirely Free Service) you have to accept these terms of use.

  1. Reliability of the information

One of the basic requirements at the time of registration and confirmation of interest to evaluate an offer is the truth of what you assert. All your data entered must be real and comply with applicable laws. B&B cannot control every single relative confirmation of interest in the offer published, however, B&B performs periodic checks to make sure that these terms of use rules have been respected, also candidates can report to B&B offers the Companies that do not correspond to reality. For any further information about the company and its products please contact us at support Candidates Service tel. 0382 557611 or send your mail to cv@b2binternational.it.

  1. Legality of Commercial Partnership Offers

The vacancies posted on B2B Site are related to business proposals or legally valid agreements. B&B does not publish business offers that require investments of money by the candidate or by “Pyramid Companies” as Multi-Level Marketing or entertainment industry for adults, because we do not accept tenders or applications which do not comply with current regulations and EU laws. Moreover, according to ex art. 10 Legislative Decree 276/2003, is not allowed to B&B to insert ads or undertake any pre-selection of candidates according to: personal belief, union membership or political, religious belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, pregnancy, age, disability, race, ethnic origin, color, ancestry, national origin, language group or state of health.

  1. Quality B2B service

The offerings posted respect the service quality offered by B&B, in fact, they are referred to: Commercial Applicants, Business Agents, Brokers, Intermediaries or similar profiles for the Italian market and/or Distributors, Dealers, Buying Groups for the Foreign Market. The Post Jobs do not have to contain links that direct the Applicants to the company web site, B&B, as diligent party will have the specific role to inform the Candidate on every aspect of business, both productive and technical. The information contained in the offers must be clear, brief and relevant to the Technical Specification Productive. For this purpose, we recommend to use professional language, which will help you to convey a good image of the company you represent. We suggest You, also, to include your CV with photo to distinguish yourself in a professional manner by other web users and complete the best of your CV. This is why you cannot upload images that contain different photos than the Applicant one. In order to ensure the high level of quality, we reserve the right to verify and delete the pictures that we do not consider appropriate or that have been reported by other users. We do not allow offensive content, erotic, sexual, distasteful and/or not related to the professional field. In such case, we will proceed to delete them.

  1. Correct Handling of the B2B platform

First, if you are an Applicant, please be aware that B&B does not act in the selection process, we only allow to Applicants who would like to evaluate a commercial collaboration get in touch with the companies that have a real need and are looking for professional profiles in the various distribution channels. When filling out of your CV and confirm the interest to evaluate the offers or to use other B2B services, please, use an appropriate language and remember that your nomination reflects what you represent. If properly redacted, your CV/Presentation, your resume will distinguish from the others and you will have more chance to get the professional agreement you wish. We recommend you to protect your password. If other people make a bad use of the B2B platform using your account, you will run the risk to lose access to the service. We suggest to you to not to use the same key User/Password access.

5 Contact Norms

In job advertisements published on the B2B platform you can join with your specific confirmation of interest to consider the proposal that most interests you, by subscribing to our site and submitting us your CV. After evaluation of your candidacy B&B will introduce you officially to the companies interested in your professional profile.  are not authorized direct negotiations until after the access of the candidate on the B2B platform. Negotiations are suggested, sponsored or arranged by B&B after the Presentation Reports sent to the Companies in which the candidate is concerned, to protect their work and professional activity…

  1. Liability of the Candidates, Business agents, intermediaries, brokers, Distributors

The candidate who violates the current rules of correctness and diligence, or provides false information, assumes the sole responsibility for all damages, exempting B&B from any liability.  Job offers published in the B2B portal are for professional use of the Candidate. It is not allowed to sell collaboration offers to others. Candidates who will act in bad faith by confirming false information or false statements of interest in order to draw the know-how of B&B, will be personally liable for any damages and the consequences thereof, as well as, B&B will be exonerated from any responsibility to that effect.

  1. Managing categories

For its internal management, B&B will organize categories of commercial offers of its Clients according to the categories of products. Supplementary products will also be inserted to favor the visibility to a wider pool of potential candidates in order to increase the memberships by combining products to complete its range of goods.

Note: The interpretation of these operating rules and conditions of the service is the exclusive competence of the B&B, which may change at any time the above terms and conditions without prior warning or notification to users. In case of violation of any condition reported here, the registration of candidates will be withdrawn from the page. The users of the B2B platform will be solely responsible for the information provided and activities carried out in violation of applicable laws and any damage and the consequences thereof, exempting B&B from all liability.

For more information on using the B2B platform, please contact our Customer Service mailto:cv@b2binternational.it (if you’re Candidate) or mailto:info@b2binternational.it(if you are Manufacturer or Distributor).

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